About us

The Ferriere Valley B&B

The Ferriere Valley B&B is the realisation of a dream.

Our family has nurtured and carried forward this project over the years and has renovated an old country house,  turning it into a modern and welcoming B&B.

It is located at the beginning of the Ferriere Valley, hence the name of the B&B, in the higher part of Amalfi. The area preserves the real characteristics of Amalfi.

The B&B is made up of 3 rooms each with an en suite bathroom and an appartment. Our B&B offers all the comforts of home in  peaceful and  relaxing surroundings.

We will make every effort, together with  the the warmth and friendliness of Enzo and the fusion of scents from the local surroundings, to make sure that your stay in the Ferriere Valley B&B will be one to remember over the years to come.